Vision Buddy V2 - TV Watching System


Vision Buddy V2 - TV Watching System
Vision Buddy V2 - TV Watching System Vision Buddy V2 - TV Watching System Vision Buddy V2 - TV Watching System Vision Buddy V2 - TV Watching System Vision Buddy V2 - TV Watching System

Now you're able to experience Vision Buddy in the comfort of your home with our two-week trial period [$500 security deposit] option. We also have a payment plan! Call for details: 1-833-787-2020

Save with the purchase of a refurbished Vision Buddy Headset [limited quantity]. Every refurbished headset is discounted, tested, and certified by a tech specialist with an included 6-month warranty.

Vision Buddy is the world's first TV Watching System for Visually Impaired individuals suffering from eye conditions like Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Stargadts, Retinitis Pigmentosa and many others. See high definition TV content streamed directly from your TV to the goggles with ability to zoom in and out, offering a movie theater experience right in your living room. With this device, you or your loved one doesn't have to stare at the TV, the content is directly projected on the headset display wirelessly.

The unit comes with following:

  1. Vision Buddy Goggles/Headset
  2. Vision Buddy HD Transmitter/Streamer
  3. External Battery (6 Hr)
  4. 10ft HDMI Cable
  5. Charging Cables
  6. User Guide
  7. 1 Year Warranty
  8. Unlimited Software Upgrades 
  9. Weighs .6 Pounds
  10. 101 Degree Field of View

User Guide

Setup Guide


Ask a Question
  • My Dish box only has 1 hmdi port how do i hook up to it?

    You will connect HDMI OUT from your dishbox to Vision Buddy Transmitter's HDMI IN Port. You will then connect HDMI OUT Port of Vision Buddy Transmitter to your TV's HDMI IN Port. That way the HDMI signal from your dish box will flow through the Vision Buddy Transmitter to the TV as well as wirelessly to the headset/googles.

  • Hello, is there a chance to get this device outside the United States?

    Yes, we ship worldwide. Please contact us at 1-833-787-2020 to discuss options.

  • used to play flute until I could not see the music sheets. Will the headset allow me read music that is on music stand while I am sitting? Does the headset require an ap or iphone to work? Can you wear prescription glasses with the headset on? Will wearing the headset cause dizziness when you remove it from the extra weight?

    Sorry for the late response. Yes, the headset can be used to ready any document using the magnification mode. Alternatively, you can also use the TV mode to transmit contents of your computer to the headset wirelessly. Please call us at 1-833-787-2020 if you would like to talk to a Low Vision Expert, and learn more about the product.